Trainer - CHAI HUI HUI – Senior Sports and Exercise Scientist

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CHAI HUI HUI – Senior Sports and Exercise Scientist

CHAI HUI HUI – Senior Sports and Exercise Scientist

Hui Hui holds a Bachelor of Science (Sport Science) from the University of Western Australia and has been coaching fitness and the sport of swimming professionally for 9 years. She has help many individuals and groups with various fitness goals and medical conditions achieve their objectives while improving their lifestyle.

Career History

In the course of her swim coaching, she has taken under her wing, clients from as young as 6 months old, to seniors, both seeking competitive and leisure lessons. Her experiences include interacting with clients with special needs such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention Deficit/Hyperactive Disorder as well as Cerebral Palsy.

She has also been involved in the fitness community for 4 years as an exercise professional, in which she was honoured with the invitation to conduct the Fitness Instructor Course (FIC) offered by Singapore Sports Council. She has also had the opportunity of interning at various organisations such as Singapore Sports School and KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital, conducting programs for patients with various medical and mechanical issues.


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