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Fun Movement School is delighted to offer a range of paediatric exercise

programme for children in pre schools. We employ proven research and evidence-based studies in designing our programmes for pre-schoolers. We aim to achieve age-appropriate motor milestones and inculcate healthy eating habits in a fun learning environment. Our program also incorporates the use of various battery tests as assessment of skill acquisition. All programs are be conducted by sport science

coaches who have experience in clinical and classroom settings.

Programs available:

  • Play with Me (2 years old, Initial stage)
  • Steps with Me (3-4 years old, Transition stage)
  • Active with Me (5-6 years old, Mature stage)

**-Specially for Me (Special needs, 5 years old and above, Individualised or small group

**Note: We also accept kids younger than 5 years old but on a case-by-case basis

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